New web site and new apparel

Check out the new web site upgrades and coming soon new Blind Duck apparel that you can purchases at the new store option on the web site also if you were wanting to buy a goose pit with credit card you can now through the store


At Bradley we value our customers and their business so much that we want to make shipping cost affordable. We strongly believe that your getting what you pay for when purchasing the best pit blind in the world, so we ship out all pit blinds at a 1.45 a mile one way (miles X 1.45) cant beat that. Give us a call and talk to us about all new things coming out of Bradley.

Owner- Chris Long 309-573-9880

Sales- Austin Jones 309-229-4567

7 Gage Strong

The new 7 Gage steel design for the Bradley is amazing just when you thought these things could not get any better

New things coming out of Bradley

We are updating the best pit blinds in the world making them even better with new LED lights padded floors thicker Gage steel heaters pumps drop down tables for cooking the list goes on

the best pit blinds and it shows

we did not just build a box we engineered these pits to be the best

Bradley Blinds are the best because we build theses pits thinking of the hunters that use pit blinds with evey bend in the steel not only does it create shelving but strengthens the steel with every bend making it just as strong as 8 gauge

Bradley Blinds | Steel Welded Goose Pits

Bradley Blinds | Steel Welded Goose Pits


New Powder Coat

You have to check out this new powder Bradley is offering its a textured brown powder coat and its sprayed on super thick for better durability give me a call to talk about the details 309-573-9880 Chris Long owner